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Google Place Search: Check it out Local Charleston Businesses

28. October 2010


Just came across the news of Google’s New “Place Search” functionality and was excited to see the exposure it can bring for local businesses in Charleston.  Especially for tourists searching on their mobile phones trying to find the best museums or places to dine. Check it out here Ironically I was speaking at a local [...]

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SEO and Social Media Play Nice Together

19. October 2010


I was reading an article from Mashable this afternoon entitled How Social Search will transform the SEO world. and thought from the headline it was going to be another hyped up read a la the latest Social Media Guru. Thankfully the author provided a perspective that I think all online marketers should embrace, regardless of [...]

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Savvy Book Promotion-Throw Your Book at the President

11. October 2010


Ive worked with hundreds of authors over the years and seen some crazy book promotions. This one may take the cake. Check out this article and footage from Yahoo about an Author who threw his book at President Obama. Originally reporters and media folks thought he was discontent with the President but apparently the [...]

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Book Review- The Compound Effect

5. October 2010


I wanted to kick off my series of book reviews with one of my favorites of the year. The Compound Effect by Success Magazine Publisher Darren Hardy was a refreshing read to say the least. It wasn’t filled with the usual marketing hype and blue pill promises most products in today’s market come with. Instead [...]

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The Relaunch of this Site and Leap Towards My Entrepreneurial Dreams

15. September 2010


First let me say a BIG THANKS for making your way back to my site after all the construction the past few months. launched in 2008 and has undergone a major overhaul thanks to my recent departure from Corporate America! The original vision of the site remains the same.  Share content that empowers people. [...]

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