Who wants to be a (Kindle) Millionaire?

Mon, Mar 7, 2011

Fresh Content

Just read a great post from Forbes that shares the harsh realities of traditional publishing every aspiring author and business owner needs to read!   Publishing a book is an investment no matter how you slice it.

As you’ll learn from the article, the ROI an author can earn from self-publishing on Kindle is becoming more streamline than ever.

It’s great to see the mainstream finally catching on to all the advantages of the digital publishing model.  It empowers business owners and authors who have a target and share  valuable content.    Those who don’t will have trouble making millions.

I am excited to share the launch of a new program that eliminates the problem you’ll read in the article and in the below excerpt.

The program is designed specifically for the business professional who wants to grow revenue through publishing a book

If you or an entrepreneur you know is one of them send an email over to john@authoritypublishing.com…

“As for publicity, publishers do have in-house publicists, but unless you’re well known (or on a reality TV show) you aren’t going to be your publisher’s first priority—or even its middle priority. As for editing, it’s pretty standard now that your book needs to go to the publisher in as close to final form as it can possibly be or it doesn’t get bought. For this reason, many authors pay for outside editing even before submitting material to agents. The days of a dedicated in-house editor such as Maxwell Perkins, who scoured over all of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s books (as well as consistently loaning him money), are over.

In fact, going with a traditional publisher can be extremely expensive. Authors are generally expected to pick up costs for their book’s website, a book’s outside publicist, marketing materials like postcards, and any costs associated with readings or tours. All of this can run into the tens of thousands of dollars.”


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