What is the best blog about self-publishing?

Mon, Feb 21, 2011

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It really depends on the type of self-publishing, the reason you are seeking the info, and how it relates to your book.

FonerBooks has been one of my favorite reads over the years for print on demand insights. Morris Rosenthal wrote the book on Print On Demand Publishing and is excellent at analyzing the industry as a whole, breaking down trends and much more. He effectively uses video on his blog to demonstrate his points as well

Aaaron Shepard’s (Author of Aiming at Amazon and many other books on the subject) site does not take on as much of a blog format but has excellent info condensed and organized so that you can learn about the latest in the world of self-publishing, intricacies of Amazon Marketing and how to best leverage your work
I believe he runs the Yahoo Self-Publishing Group mentioned in Erik Marcus’s post.

Stephanie Chandler’s Blog has also been excellent insight into effective ways to market your business with content publishing-book, e-book, etc. She helps business owners and companies leverage new publishing models to grow their revenue. Books include from Entrepreneur to Infopreneur, Authors Guide to Building an Online Platform and many more.

JA Konthrah’s is more suited for helping you learn about ways to sell fiction effectively. He has been especially successful leveraging Kindle and provides strategies there.

I am little biased towards the CreateSpace community-it is very helpful to get answers to questions quickly on the many details involved in the publishing process. It has grown immensely in member size and knowledge base.

Finally Dan Poynter’s blog is filled with great insights. Its hard to leave him out of any discussion when it comes to self-publishing resources.

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