Even More Functionality with Google Places, Local Search for Small Businesses Through Boost

Wed, Jan 26, 2011

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Read an article yesterday about the new functionality coming with Google Boost for small business owners and was really glad to see it.

“Boost is Google’s program aimed at smaller businesses who want a “set it and forget it” approach to advertising” the author mentioned.

I have heard horror stories from local businesses mismanaging their budgets on Google Adwords and most have been flat out terrified of what could happen if they made a costly mistake. One business owner shared that a friend of his woke up with a $20,000 mistake on his card in the morning. OUCH!

There is no doubt that Adwords can be extremely risky and is a whole different ballgame. If you wanted to buy your way onto page 1 you have to pay a pretty penny everytime someone clicks on your link.

This is why I have loved focusing on organic search that generates free traffic for clients overtime(even though it doesn’t have the instant gratification that Adwords provides).

I will only implement an adwords campaigns to complement a strategy or throw fuel on the fire that is already kindling.

With added functionality and different mediums to test with the new Google Boost feature through Places and Maps it will certainly be interesting to test once it rolls around to Charleston.

Advertising on Google has always been here today and gone tomorrow setup but it looks like Big G is trying to really improve on their service.

As I have shared in past posts and talks at networking groups locally in Charleston-Google has stepped up big time in the way they are looking out for the small guy. This new program and the way they are rolling it out showcases the innovation constantly happening at Google.

As always thank you SearchEngineLand for the great reporting!


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