Balancing Business Growth and Blogging

Wed, Jan 12, 2011

Fresh Content

Happy 2011!  Yes I am a few days behind.  I’ve been swamped of late with projects galore and didn’t have the discipline to blog about the experience.   I’m sure authors I’ve published reading this are laughing inside saying to themselves “It’s not as easy as it looks now that you are on the other side, is it Rizzo?”

No it is not.    Yes I have advocated blogging to clients for years while working in corporate America(where I wasn’t allowed to blog). I would share the importance, ways blogging could establish their authority status in their niche, build relationships with their potential readers and get them targeted traffic from the search engines.

I was surprised at my authors when they told me they just couldn’t find time to blog in addition to running their publishing ventures and businesses full time. Now I am eating crow understanding I’ve fallen guilty myself!

With your support and feedback I am aiming to remedy this situation for good however.  I feel blessed to share that business has been booming in the new year challenging me on levels outside of my comfort zone. I also feel humbled by the roadblocks and issues I’ve fought through since leaving the comforts of the family. Entrepreneurship truly is a journey and roller coaster ride.

After spending quality time with my own family over the holidays, I’ve realized that instead of being stressed out by a duty to blog on top of things I’m working on—- a book launch, a new site launch, and a product launch (in addition to doing this on behalf of clients) —- I should embrace the stress, have more fun with it and share it here.

I’ve scoped out tons of new content for the coming months and learned really cool stuff that business owners, authors and companies need to know. My passion for staying up on the latest trends sometimes blinds me on what I have learned in this process. Look for it to come out of my brain and onto your screen much more consistently in 2011! :)

If there are any questions you want me to cover about internet marketing, content marketing, publishing, mobile, etc simply shoot me an email or comment below.

Now its back to business!

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4 Responses to “Balancing Business Growth and Blogging”

  1. Salvatore LaMonica Says:

    Nice blog cuz. Looking forward to reading more even though the subject matter is quite esoteric. Look for my own blog coming soon in the ’11. The contents will be a little more light hearted and reach a broader audience, but your going to help me gain viewers See you in Aruba kid


  2. Wolfgang Ward Says:

    I understand your plight my friend. I have been trying to create more content for my own blog and can’t seem to find the time. Everyone is just so “busy” these daze and can only seem to write content for misspelled and abbreviated status updates. So kudos to you for disciplining yourself and writing about your business of interest. I do have one topic that I would appreciate if you cover. I’ve been trying to predict the merge of the computer and TV for awhile and see momentum in the social media arena with companies like GetGlue, Miso and Philo. As a publishing company who wants to get exposure, how should I go about beginning to position myself with this new avenue?


    • admin Says:

      Wolf- There are some really interesting developments in TV, Computer and Mobile platforms merging together. It seems like it is really accelerating of late. Wish we could have been at CES to see it in the flesh. Some clients raved about it to me.

      What type of audience will your publishing company serve? That will play an important role in how you leverage the different platforms.

      Philo is a new one for me but I have checked out Miso and GetGlue


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