Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is for Any Goal You Have

Tue, Dec 7, 2010

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As the holiday season, cold weather and tacky Christmas sweaters start to appear its hard to reflect on all that you’ve accomplished or look to achieve in 2011.  I don’t want to call it a year just yet because 2010 has been quite a ride and there are mountains still to climb.

But I sure am glad I read an article about the now famous goal setting website ( )before trying to set my new business and personal objectives going into the new year.

As I look at my goal list I see many familiar things still lingering and I am sure you share my pain.

I’ll ask myself “why haven’t I accomplished this? Or what could be more important than focusing on this goal specifically?  How could this have slipped away from my focus?”   We all set out to do things that for some reason get put on hold to satisfy our short term needs and wants.     Some goals we just plain lose sight of as moods change.

Will power and motivation can be derailed quickly with the many types of issues we face throughout the year.

Its been easy to settle on not achieving our goals quicker because of lack of incentive.   Goals scribbled on notepads or hidden in desk drawers. No money on the line or people holding us accountable.

Until now!  Go check out this awesome website if you are looking to combat  that familiar problem with goal setting before New Years Eve sneaks up.

Here is what they say about their unique model and why its been wildly successful the past few years:

“Everyone has a goal. For some, it’s losing weight, for others it’s exercising regularly. Maybe you’d just like to grow a ponytail.

But if it’s still just a goal, it means you haven’t reached it…yet.

If you’re ready to turn that goal into an accomplishment, you’re ready for stickK.

stickK was founded on the principle that creating incentives and assigning accountability are the two most important keys to achieving a goal. Thus, the “Commitment Contract” was born.

stickK empowers you to better your lifestyle. We offer you the opportunity, through ‘Commitment Contracts’, to show to yourself and others the value you put on achieving your goals.

Entirely unique to each person, a Commitment Contract obliges you to achieve your goal within a particular time-frame. Not only are you challenging yourself by saying “Hey, I can do this,” you’re also putting your reputation at stake. If you are unsuccessful, we’ll let your friends know about it.

Oh but wait, there’s more…

Sometimes losing face with your friends might not be enough to keep you on track. So, what is the one thing no one can stand to part with? You guessed it! Cold hard cash.

Yep I posted all that in case you got lazy and didn’t go check out their website!   The really smart people at stickK have built a website that makes you put your money where your mouth is and built the social aspect into goal setting that has never existed on this type of scale.

I set my first contract through the site to exercise 5 times a week over the next 20 weeks.   I assigned a referee who is a personal friend of mine.  If I don’t deliver on the promise they will be coming after me every week for the $100 I pledged.  Its not thousands of dollars or big shot money by any means.  Its just the incentive knowing they can ding my credit card if I fall off course.

I’m excited to add my other goals which I will share with you soon.

Let me know your thoughts on the site and if you find it useful!   I am going to giveaway a surprise gift just in time for Christmas to a randomly selected commenter below.

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