Savvy Book Promotion-Throw Your Book at the President

Mon, Oct 11, 2010

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Ive worked with hundreds of authors over the years and seen some crazy book promotions. This one may take the cake.

Check out this article and footage from Yahoo about an Author who threw his book at President Obama.

Originally reporters and media folks thought he was discontent with the President but apparently the author had other motives.

There are still no exact details on the book’s title or author but I am sure he will see a spike in sales once word is released.

One author I worked with would place his bookmarks(that had his books ordering information on on every windshield in the Barnes and Noble Parking Lot.

Another used to place his book on shelves so that when customers went to buy, the store manager would naturally feel he needed to reorder more.

Even one author I know dropped hundreds of copies of his book out of a plane in his local town to create a buzz.

Lookout Mr. Obama, throwing your book at the President just may be the next big thing in book marketing.

If nothing else its showcasing that you need to be really creative when marketing your book. Just watch out for the secret service

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  1. Book Magazine Says:

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  2. Dan Swift Says:

    I was planning on making this strategy the center of my pr campaign…


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