Book Review- The Compound Effect

Tue, Oct 5, 2010

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I wanted to kick off my series of book reviews with one of my favorites of the year. The Compound Effect by Success Magazine Publisher Darren Hardy was a refreshing read to say the least.

It wasn’t filled with the usual marketing hype and blue pill promises most products in today’s market come with. Instead it spotlighted the day by day adjustments we can make to achieve greater success in our business, personal and financial lives.

Simple decisions we make each day, Darren points out, eventually have a drastic effect on our health wealth and mindset. Some examples include:

-salad or fries at lunch
-couch surfing after work or hitting the gym
-staying sedentary or taking time to walk extra steps during the course of the day
-and many other simple choices we make on a daily basis.

Ive been through the book a few times since hearing Darren speak at a conference and shared it as a gift with one of my best friends.

My friend recently visited me in Charleston and we used the book as a guide to make an action plan for ourselves moving forward. We are both highly motivated to succeed but have sometimes found ourselves caught in the big dreams and lacking focus on the day to day decisions that will get us there.

We made a pact that over the next 90 days we will hold each other accountable to

-workout first thing in the morning before rushing to grab and shower and start the workday

-read 15 minutes of a personal development book before checking email

-spend 10 minutes at night reflecting and writing down thoughts

There are many things that we want to work on but we agreed these would be a great starting point to methodically build upon.

You can learn more about Darren’s philosophy here

Is there one simple decision you could do a better job of making each day? I have quickly learned in my new venture that there has never been a better time to FOCUS.

Pick up his book here and comment below should you want to join in the challenge!

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